Couple Travel: 12 reasons you should be doing it

12 Reasons why couple travel is good

Solo travel is considered by a vast majority as the best way to travel. And we have to admit, the freedom, empowering and the self discovery opportunity that solo travel offers is truly incredible. However, there comes a time in life where “I” becomes “we”, and things are done together rather than alone. Does it mean that traveling loses of its merit? We don’t think so. We actually think that it’s the opposite: couple travel enhances the travel experience, and more importantly, the relationship as a couple. Here is our 12 reasons you should be traveling as a couple.

Travel as a couple to get a moral support

Traveling can be exhausting exhausting and stressful. There, we said it. This is something we travel lovers seldom say it loud: traveling can be mentally and physically exhausting and REALLY stressful. You have to research, plan and execute. Sometimes everything goes as planned, sometimes they do not. It’s of course the way traveling is and it’s wonderful but you cannot avoid the stress you will sometimes feel during the execution.

Moreover, travels are not full of magic, joy and wonderful experiences. There WILL be bad experiences. A hotel misbooking, a rude taxi driver or maybe you just feel down. Coupled with the stress and the tireness of the travel, you can really lose a day or two in a bad mood.

That’s where you can benefit from traveling with your soulmate: a moral support. Having someone to talk to (someone that knows you very well and that you know very well) will help you go through these mad moods to get back on track and enjoy the trip.

Couple travel to get to know your partner better

For the exact same reasons, you will get to know your partner better. Indeed, travel is the optimal situation to see personality traits of your partner that you could hardly see in other situations. It could be good traits like their capacity to deal with certain situations, or bad traits like how they react to some bad events. But anyway it will be valuable information for your relationship.

Moreover, it will also be the opportunity to see how well your couple can act with synergy in a unknown environment. It doesn’t mean that if you have troubles there is a problem, it’s just a stepping stone to know each other better and smooth things out towards a better relationship.

Couple travel allow you to share your impressions live

Sometimes you want to share what you are feeling during your trips directly to someone. You will feel all kinds of things (marvelous feelings, peculiar feelings, name it you will feel it during your travels!), and it feels much better to say it to someone than keeping it to yourself. And it’s always better to share them to someone you know than complete strangers. While talking to strangers during your travels is a great way to make new friends, you never know how your words can be interpreted.

Travel as a couple to get lighter luggages

Luggages are one of the biggest issues in a travel. A heavy luggage is often the culprit to early exhaustion and stress.   Butwhen you travel in couple, and you know how to optimize luggage packing, you can considerably reduce luggage weights compared to solo travellers. The trick is not to double the luggage, but to find ways to make common smaller “packs” to cut off some weight. Lighter luggage, lighter mind and better travel!

It is also worth mentionning the increased number of luggages you can get past the airlines, which will allow you to pack much more efficiently your luggages. You will lose less time looking through your things to find something, as you will have a better split of your things.

Travel together in couple to increase security

One of the biggest advantage to travel as a couple is the increased security. It’s much more convenient to keep an eye on your things when going to the toilet, or to avoid getting scammed (you will be surprised how 2 brains are much more efficient than one!). This is especially true when you travel in third world countries, where unfortunately you are at more risk.

Additonally, the feeling of increased security will allow you to enjoy more your treval as you will feel less stressed about potentially losing your things or worse. Everything is better with your mind at rest, especially travels!

Travel as a couple to not be alone when you are sick on the road

The worst thing that can happen during a travel is to get sick or hurt. And to have to deal with it. One advantage to be on the road with your partner: having someone you can count on to have your back in these situations. Havingto find a hospital and dealing with these kind of situation alone can really be incredibly difficult.

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Couple travel allows you to take photos easily

Taking photos during travels can be quite difficult, especially if you want to be on it. You have to ask people to take you, give them your phone/camera (and risk a theft sometimes…). And it’s always tricky to tell them you don’t like the way they took it! So usually you end up with a photo that doesn’t satisfy you completely. No worries for this if you are with your partner! You can take photos for hours to get the perfect shot you want! Of course, this doesn’t solve the problem if you want to be both on the photo…

Travel together in couple to reduce boredom

Travels are not always dynamic and full of activities. Sometimes it’s also about waiting. Usually the longest are transportations. Spending hours in a plance or train is rarely a joy, and usually when you are alone it’s difficult to get some sleep. Traveling as a couple makes these time much more enjoyable: you can talk, play or just rest without worries. It also gives you the warranty that you will not be stuck with a not so much enjoyable person for hours in a closed quarter…

Traveling as a couple is cheaper

People often think that traveling as a couple is more expensive than traveling alone. They couldn’t be more wrong… First of all you share big costs with your partner. The best example is the hotel room. As the double rooms are usually at the same rate as single rooms, you get a huge budget decrease with your partner.

Moreover, all the materials you need can be further optimized (camera,computer etc…) and you can enjoy a vast selection of couple discount literally anywhere in the world. And you get options to optimize costs that you couldn’t do alone, for example taking the taxi or renting scooters.

Couple travel is romantic

Well this one is obvious… Being with your loved ones in countries around the world is incredibly romantic! The feeling of discovering new things together and to share amazing sceneries will create unforgettable memories that you will remember your whole life. And this is proven by this survey conducted by the US Travel association, that found out that traveling with your partner will spark the romance between the couple. Surprising they had to do a survey to find that out! Well they found out other things as well… We will let you read the article 😉

Traveling together as a couple to make the relationship stronger

Well all the reasons comes down to this: making your relationship stronger. Going through wonders and hard times together, making and sharing memories and experiencing new things can make an incredible bond between you as a couple. You will learn to know each other, trust each other and become truly one as a couple.

Moreover, traveling is a formidable way to get out of a routine (let’s admit it, all the couples will get there somehow) and spark the fire with discoveries and the unknown.

Travel as a couple to leave an example to your children

Traveling is great, and you surely would want your children to do so. What better than showing them that their parents were cool enough to travel extensively together? Well actually traveling with them altogether would be better, but until then, creating a history of travel in the family before their birth will be great to create a kind of legacy in the family. We are sure our childre will be proud to have cool parents that travelled the world together! And we will show them how to one day 🙂

End of our list

That’s it! These are reasons we think you should travel as a couple. We really think that all couples should travel together. It will not only make the travel itself more enjoyable, but also make the relationship better as a couple. Moreover, it will not take away the merits of solo traveling, as you will actually enjoy all of them. It’s just that you will enjoy it as a couple, and not alone. So couples, please go travel!

How about you? Do you still prefer to travel alone? Or have you other reasons to travel as a couple? Let us know in the comments!

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