Local Seafood Restaurant in Hong Kong: Shun Kee Typhoon Shelter Seafood

Shun Kee Shelter Seafood boat

Experience Hong Kong: Shun Kee Typhoon Shelter Seafood Restaurant

It’s not a surprise that Hong Kong has a lot of great seafoods to offer. It might have something to do with the fact that it’s an island (well most of it is). So trying Hong Kong seafood is a must if you are traveling here. The most important question is where. There are tons of local seafood restaurants everywhere in Hong Kong, and honnestly most of them are good. So the choice is about experience.

What’s the point of traveling? Although everyone has their own answer to this very simple question, we like to think that it’s about immersing ourselves in a completely different culture. Well, if you are visiting Hong Kong, the restaurant we are presenting in this article is a great way to immerse in Hong Kong’s culture.

A surprisingly unique restaurant

A fantastic boat restaurant…

Shun Kee Shelter Seafood restaurant

Shun Kee Typhoon Shelter Seafood restaurant is a very unique local eatery in Hong Kong. First because it’s not a “physical” restaurant, it’s 5-6 small Sampan (Chinese wooden boats) tied together. Each Sampan has a table, and that’s where you will eat! Located in Causeway bay in front of the Typhoon Shelter, the restaurant offers a very peculiar experience, in front of one of the busiest cities of the world, surrounded by small boats.

The unique atmosphere is made even greater by the great view on Causeway Bay with all the tall buildings. It’s not a sumptuous view you get in rooftop bars, but more of a weird mismatch with your surrounding (old wooden boats) and what you see behind it.

Shun Kee Shelter Seafood view

… that’s far from being perfect

But of course, enjoying such an peculiar environment comes with a cost. Not everything is perfect with this restaurant. A few things that you have to keep in mind:

  • First of all, the price. At around 1000 HKD for 2 people, the price tag is quite high for a local restaurant (and for a menu with “normal” seafood, nothing fancy).
  • Another problem, finding the restaurant. The location is quite remote, and the area is under construction, so it’s quite difficult to find it. Refer to our last section of this article to find this restaurant!
  • For all people that can get seasick easily, reconsider going there, or prepare wisely with pills or under the ear thingies that prevent the sickness (sorry,I don’t know the name of that thing ;)). The boats are really small, and the ladies that serve you walk on them to get from one boat to another. So expect a lot of movements!
  • We were quite ok with the toilet, but it’s not a “real” toilet. It’s located on only one of the boat, and it’s in some sort of a tent. It can be a good idea to go to toilet before getting there.

Delicious Hong Kong style seafood

A simple yet effective set menu

Of course, experience is important but so is the food! The seafood in Shun Kee is simple, but fresh and juicy. The dinner set menu is fairly large and you do not need to order other things (even though we did). They do have an a la carte menu, if you feel that you need more. Here is a list of what we got last time we went there:


Shun Kee Shelter Seafood Shrimp

The first food of the set was steamed shrimp which came with say sauce. It’s the simplest form of seafood you can imagine, but very effective when the shrimp is fresh (which was the case). It was a very good starter for this 5 course menu.

Razor Clam

Shun Kee Shelter Seafood Razor Clam

The next one was the best one for us: Razor Clam with minced garlic toping. The toping matched very well the freshness of the razor clam, and we ended up ordering another one at the end.


Stir fried clams with soy sauce, with a little bit of spice. A Chinese classic, which was also delicious. Unfortunately, we completely forgot to take photos of this one. You will have to take our words for it!

Crab and Fried Noodles

Shun Kee Shelter Seafood Crab and Noodles

And to finish the Crab and Fried Noodles come together. The crab is very surprising, it’s completely covered with fried garlic. Yes, that’s all fried garlic… While it’s very good, the crab itself has very little meat, so that was a little disappointing. And the amount of garlic cover completely the taste of the crab. The fried noodle is gigantic, and while it’s quite good, we felt like they try to make you full to cover the lack of quantity of the course.

Limited Drink menu

The restaurant has a very limited drink selection. You can order soft drinks and beer, but it happens that they run out of beer, and the selection is very limited. However, they allow you to bring your own drink, so what we did is to stop in a supermarket and buy some white wine. While it’s a shame to have such a limited drink menu for a seafood restaurant, the fact that they allow you to bring your drink is great.

How to get to Shun Kee Seafood Restaurant

Gettin gto Shun Kee Seafood Restaurant is a challenge. First you have to go through the mass of people in Causeway Bay (that’s already a big challenge!). We advise you to follow:

  • From Causeway Bay, head north to Victoria Park, and follow the path.
  • You will arrive in a big road that looks like a highway, with a bridge that goes above it. Cross the bridge
  • Now you are right in front of the bay. You will see a construction area. Follow the way. You need to go right (when facing the sea).
  • Stop when you see the following near a dock:

Shun Kee Shelter Seafood Meeting point

  • This is the meeting point. A small boat will come to get you.

Shun Kee Shelter Seafood boat

End of the post

That’s it, it was a rather short post to share with you a restaurant we thought was quite unique. It’s overall a good restaurant, although not perfect. But it’s a great way to make unforgettable memories and experience Hong Kong. We hope that you liked the post!

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