About us

Welcome to Couple Go Places!

Wow you are reading our blog… Thank you! We sincerely hope that you like our articles.

Who are we?

We are Junghun and Hang , and we love to travel! Apart from that we are just normal people, with normal jobs and never enough holidays to travel like we would like to. As most of you do, we squeeze in our holidays (and our savings!) to try to get one more day in our travel schedule. We live in Hong Kong, which allows us to access easily Asian countries (and we love it!).

Why the blog?

For a long time we were just like others, enjoying our travels and keeping it for ourselves. And one day, during our trip to Osaka, we entertained the idea of sharing our travel experiences on the internet. We thought it could help some people to plan their trip, or get ideas of destinations. But more importantly, it can also help us keep our memories somewhere meaningful and easily accessible.

Our objective

Our lifetime goal is to travel non-stop for at least one year. More the better! For now, as the reality doesn’t allow it, we try to accumulate experience in various destinations to plan the perfect long travel. We will share with you everything we learn on the road so follow our journey!

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